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Ready, Set, Go!

August 30, 2010

Here it is, the night before the first day of classes.

I can never sleep very well the night before I start teaching.  I am full of thoughts, wondering what my classes will be like, whether my lessons will work like I have planned them or if I will wind up with extra time to fill or run out of time without finishing things.  Will that kid who I wrote up for loitering in the hallway during classtime last year and who is now in my class make trouble?  Will we continue with our SSR program once a week or will it really switch to twice?

But I’m ready.  I’ve got seating charts ready, filled in with names in alphabetical order.  I have lists of medical concerns, IEP accommodations, fire drill dates, and one of those plastic accordion files with a slot for papers from each class that I teach.  I have my camera and extra batteries!  I have lesson plans, equipment that I got ready on Friday, and my tea, ready to brew as soon as I get in.

I know that I am good at this job and I can train my new freshman homeroom to show up on time and stand in line during fire drills.  I know that after I do the mystery box, kids will be hankering to know what is inside, and will bring it up throughout the year.  I know my students will treasure their “highest physics test score” pencils all year.  And I know the science office will remain well-stocked with chocolate.

The new school year is like a fresh clean piece of paper with nothing written on it.  I’m looking forward to seeing what happens, but I am anxious with anticipation.  I felt this way the night before my wedding, too.  Every school year it happens.  I hate this night.  But I love what comes after.

I had a great year with great students last year.  I hope this year is even better!

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